About me


Hello, my name is Simona Mancuso and I am a designer. For many years I designed footwear and accessories for some of the most important fashion brands known. I am telling you this because studying the harmony of millimeter proportions, such as those in a shoe's heel, helped me and guided me in redefining facial proportions, even mine! Even those who have known me for more than 30 years think it's more harmonious now than it was then!!!
My search for beauty, discovering it and releasing it in all that surrounds me is my purpose in life. I have already lived half a century, I was born on 9 July 1964, and at this point the thing I want most is to share my skills with the rest of the world, with all of you, putting them at your service.
Teaching my faceGYM brings me great joy, helping many people value their own merits and rediscover themselves, and at the same time undertake a more conscious and more dynamic lifestyle. The world needs all of us at the fullest of our energy, our strength and our positivity for the longest time possible.

Looking forward to embarking on this journey with you,
Simona Mancuso.

My faceGYM method

My facial gymnastics method, myfaceGYM, that I developed firstly to meet my personal needs, consists in actively stimulating facial muscles, avoiding them to atrophy. Just as it goes for the rest of the body, physical activity also produces beneficial effects on the tissues of the face, toning them and making them compact and revitalized. You can think of sculpting your lips, your jaw, your cheeks or your cheekbones the exact same way you can do with your abs, your chest or your biceps. They can be re-proportioned and redefined with a completely natural and harmonious effect.
Mine is the only facial gym that avoids almost completely the use of hands. I have developed and selected a series of exercises that are easy to perform and can be included in your everyday life routine. They are so simple they can be done while performing other activities, such as driving the car, cooking or working on the computer. All it takes is a few minutes a day to notice great improvements and get amazing results that will improve your self-esteem and your relationship with yourself as well as the one with others.
It's never too late to "pick up" your own face and your life! With just a little bit of effort and perseverance, you can really improve your appearance, your facial tone and color, and live life with greater self-esteem and energy... At any age!

Here are some of my faceGYM's benefits:

    • it improves and modifies the cellular structure of facial tissues
    • It reactivates and renews the face’s cells, also changing your facial color and making it more lively
    • it changes the face’s features, making them more harmonious and firmer at the touch
    • it tones and implements the lips
    • It raises and tones cheeks and cheekbones
    • it avoids the sagging of chin and neck
    • It eliminates the naso-labial fold
    • it eliminates or reduces wrinkles

Before and After photos (15/30 days) taken by my students

My job

Here is a selection of my exercises that can be perform anytime


What my students say about my work


What are you waiting to become THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF?

Basic Course


I usually teach:

    • in One-to-One online sessions via Skype/Messenger/FaceTime
    • in a weekly group course in Milan
    • in workshops throughout Italy and Europe

What will you learn in the course?

Following my course you will learn:

  • how to train your face in complete autonomy and awareness in order to maintain it at is best
  • how to maintain it at its best (cleansing, hydration, massage, energetic massage)
  • how to recognize the strengths of your face, and trough training, progressively change its proportions, creating a new harmony

Dates? Costs? Schedules?

For all the info you can contact me:

    • on my faceGYM social media
      (you can find all the links below in the Contacts section)
    • on my mobile phone +39 348 292 3475
    • sending an email to

-All illustrated technical sheets of the exercises learnt will be sent to you by e-mail, so that it will be easy for you to continue to train on your own.

and after the Basic Course?

After the Basic Course, those that have already attended it, will have the opportunity to purchase special packages, in order to keep updated on new exercises and never lose their pace. I usually meet once or twice a week with some of the people I train for an intensive session and to check their progress.